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Turkish Gulet in MarmarisHisarönĂŒ is a tourist resort village in the Marmaris district of the Muğla Province of Turkey. It is situated at the western extreme of the Mediterranean coast of Turkey and the southern extreme of the Aegean coast. The resort has grown from a very basic village in 1990 to the large resort with its neighbor Ovacik since then. In 1992, the road through Hisaronu to Kayakoy was paved for the first time.

Hisaronu was originally intended to provide accommodation for nearby Olu Deniz - where new building work is quite restricted. In response to its friendly atmosphere, HisarönĂŒ has become a holiday resort in its own right. It is popular with British holidaymakers in particular.

A few of the activities to enjoy in here are Paragliding over ÖlĂŒdeniz, take a Jeep Safari through the local towns and villages, trek along the Winding paths through forests with breathtaking views, and of course, enjoy the amazing nightlife. Another nearby attraction is Kayaköy which is a ghost town now, but where the Greeks once lived.

Turkish Gulet in MarmarisSupposedly Cleopatra’s Island was once the meeting place of Queen Cleopatra and her lover Mark Anthony. Cleopatra is said to have ordered shiploads of white sand to be brought here from Egypt to create her own secret paradise.

About 12 kilometers from Marmaris is Gelibolu Bay, surrounded with mountains covered with pine forests. From the beach, a traditional Turkish wooden motorboat will take you across the waters to Cleopatra's Island.

After a little walk through the olive groves you reach the beach that is actually made up of millions of tiny, perfectly round and empty seashells, resembling pearly sand, that have taken millions of years to accumulate. Because the formation of the sand takes such an extremely long time, a great effort is made to conserve the beach, and so it is prohibited to take towels or anything else onto the sand itself. It is said that sufferers of rheumatic aliments find that lying on this sand significantly eases their symptoms.

Turkish Gulet in MarmarisGulf of Gökova is a long (100 km), narrow gulf of the Aegean Sea between Bodrum Peninsula and Datça Peninsula in south-west Turkey. The township of Gökova is at the head of the Gulf of Gökova. It is above Kozlukuyu Mahallesi at the northern end of Gökova town, not at Akyaka as often incorrectly stated, that the ancient Carian city of Idyma is located with its acropolis and below it, the Idyma necropolis.

The name Gökova means blue [Gök] plain [ova] and refers to the plain on which the town of Gökova is situated. Today in the plain of Gökova there are two towns - Gökova and Akyaka, and six villages named Ataköy, Akçapinar, Gökçe, Çitlik, ƞirinköy and YeƟilova.

Gökova has the largest open market in the area. The market was until a few years ago, situated at the north end of Gökova and is still referred to by the traders as Kozlukuyu Pazarı rather than Gökova Pazarı. Since 2007 the produce stalls have been covered by a permanent roof and on days other than market day, the area serves to accommodate weddings and other social events.

Turkish Gulet in MarmarisThe setting of the unique small village of Turunç is truly magnificent. Nestled in a backdrop of hills and mountains, amongst the vivid green pine forests and olive groves. The views of the turquoise Mediterranean Sea and Islands are as beautiful as any in the world.

This former fishing village has now largely given way to holiday villas. There are many restaurants, bars and shops, but the charm of Turunç is that it has not lost the friendly local feel.

A safe beach, which is lined with restaurants, has recently achieved the European Blue Flag Award and there is a limited range of water-sports available.

To one side of the bay is a small harbour, lined with Turkish boats and water taxis and for a small price you can experience an excursion along the spectacular coastline stopping at coves and bays for swimming and a barbeque lunch.

Turkish Gulet in MarmarisIçmeler lies only a ten minute drive up the coast from Marmaris. It is set in a large, gently curving bay facing “Paradise Island”. Içmeler is served by Dalaman airport (about 2 hours by bus) and Bodrum airport (3-4 hours by bus).

There was originally a Turkish village called Içmeler, of which parts remain, but the bulk of modern-day Içmeler is a tourist resort made up of hotels, restaurants, bars and shops. The only supermarket is found near the old village, and facilities like clinics and post offices are not readily available. This is a place which exists almost entirely for the needs of tourists, a fact that is reflected in the signs in English and the prices quoted in pounds Sterling.

Içmeler is quieter than Marmaris, but not all that much. The town has a serious number of bars where visitors can drink and dance or watch performances, which range from traditional belly dancing and folk dancing to break dance and fire shows. There are always hired help at the entrance to each bar trying to draw people in, and there are also hawkers on every corner selling excursions, goods or services, which can be very annoying. At midnight the volume of the music in the bars is turned down, but there are still a small number of nightclubs with soundproofed doors where you can dance until four in the morning.

Turkish Gulet in MarmarisKnidos was an ancient Greek city of Caria, part of the Dorian Hexapolis. It was situated on the Datça peninsula, which forms the southern side of the Sinus Ceramicus, now known as the Gulf of Gökova. By the fourth century BC, Knidos was located at the site of modern Tekir, opposite Triopion Island. But earlier, it was probably at the site of modern Datça - about at the half-way point of the peninsula.

It was built partly on the mainland and partly on the Island of Triopion or Cape Krio. The debate about it being an island or cape is caused by the fact that in ancient times it was connected to the mainland by a causeway and bridge. Today the connection is formed by a narrow sandy isthmus. By means of the causeway the channel between island and mainland was formed into two harbours, of which the larger, or southern, was further enclosed by two strongly-built moles that are still in good part complete.

The length of the city was little less than a mile, and the whole intramural area is still thickly strewn with architectural remains. The walls, both of the island and on the mainland, can be traced throughout their whole circuit; and in many places, especially around the acropolis, at the northeast corner of the city, they are remarkably intact.

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